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5 Accounting Tips for Startups in Singapore

Most startups often need help with managing finances. Accounting can sometimes be overwhelming, from keeping track of expenses to being compliant with taxes. Your business might be a passion, but you need to handle several other things out of your expertise. That’s when hiring bookkeeping services in Singapore can help. Not only do they take care of your financial records, but they also help you remain compliant and manage taxes. Meanwhile, look at some accounting tips that help startups manage finances smoothly.

1. Plan your major and minor expenses

Starting and running a business doesn’t mean living paycheck to paycheck. In the beginning, you might spend more money than you make. That is why you need to budget for major expenses like working capital. Also, pay close attention to small expenses. Such minor expenditures can often go unnoticed and add up to a significant sum you cannot afford.

2. Maintain accurate records

Don’t let a single transaction go unrecorded. We understand that a hectic startup environment can lead to overlooking low-priority expenses. However, discipline and commitment to maintaining accurate records are key to success. This is not just for compliance; you can identify weak areas, spending trends, and possible growth prospects by doing so. Additionally, maintaining consistent records gives you helpful financial insights.

3. Keep your book updated.

Just like recording transactions, you need to update your books of accounts regularly. Ideally, one must update the book immediately since you might forget about the transaction later. However, if you don’t have time to update the books regularly, outsourced accounting services in Singapore can help keep your records organized and accurate.

4. Plan business and personal expenses separately.

Many new business owners make the mistake of financing personal purchases with company funds. Even if the purchase is only a few dollars, if it is for personal use, the business should not bill it. There are high chances that modest sums of money will eventually pile up to greater amounts, which could be detrimental to your business and complicate bookkeeping. Additionally, it can create issues while filing your tax returns. Keep your finances separate from your business finances by maintaining two accounts.

5. Don’t forget about the taxes.

A responsible business owner must be aware of every nook and corner of taxation. Unpaid taxes can cause various issues and risks ranging from harsh penalties and additional interest. In addition to allocating money for taxes, business owners should be cautious about missing tax deadlines. You can avoid the risk of penalties by marking the calendar with tax filing dates.

Bottom Line

Your recently registered startup needs your utmost attention to reach a new height. Thus, outsourcing a professional accounting service would be a smart move. With the right service providers, you can be sure of total governmental compliance and gain access to opinions from industry professionals. No matter big or small business, Paciol offers a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore. If you have any queries, contact the experts today.